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PDSC CHYF RYA Club of the year 2019 v3-p

PD Pirates           

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PD Pirates is an initiative to include the whole family in sailing. This does not mean you will all have to sail in the same boat. The emphasis will be on discovering the joys that sailing can bring in a very friendly fun way. PDSC strives for excellence and all of the family will be encouraged to progress at their own rate to the best they can or want to be. Sailing is a fantastically versatile sport that has something for everyone of all ages, and is a sport that is perfect for families to learn together. PD Pirates has no age limits in either direction. Come and have fun on the water. Those that can sail already will be encouraged to help others (as well as having the opportunity to improve their own skills if weather permits) the youngest members of the group will have crafts and games that compliment their time afloat and on the beach as they may need more variety.

This is perfect for all families from sailing parents and children to a family of complete beginners. Possibly you are a sailor but feel that you are not yet confident enough to sail with your children for fear of putting them off. Maybe you have one child who can sail and one that can't or one parent that can and one that can’t, this is the group for you all. There will be a big emphasis on helping each other not just your own family, every member of the group.  All family members will be sailing in a variety of boats to suit the weather conditions and session aims, boats will include Oppies (yes, even for the mums and dads ), Fevas, Laser 2000s, miracles and more, as the opportunity to sail in your own boats or with sailors in their own boats will be there. Expect to learn lots about the environment around you, sailing theory, weather and tide as well as the mechanics of sailing. This is a family course so there will be times when the adults enjoyment will come from seeing, enabling and joining in with the children having fun and becoming confident competent sailors in a safe environment.  Be part of the next generation of sailing families. As an added bonus this will bring us in line with Welsh Yachting's long term strategic plan as well.


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