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Membership Fees
You can pay your membership fees on-line using WebCollect or contact the Membership Secretary for a printable form (English or Cymraeg) :

Full Individual - £80.00

A single adult (over 21) at 1st Jan

Family - £150.00

Two co-habiting adults, and any of their children up to and including the age of 18 at 1st Jan

Associate - £35.00

Individual adults up to and including the age of 21 at 1st Jan, or in full time education

Youth - £35.00

Individual membership for anyone 18 or under at 1st Jan (in 1st year of membership). 
Note, either full Individual, Family or at least 1 social membership must also be purchased

Social- £35.00

For non-sailing members

Storage Fee Dinghy- £75.00

For storage of each dinghy

Storage Fee Dinghy Youth - £40.00

Storage of each dinghy that is sailed by a youth or associate member and small boats intended to be sailed with children

Storage Fee Racing Keelboat - £75.00

Keelboats up to 7m launched from the slip

Cruiser Tender - £40.00

For storage of any small tender

Kayak/Canoe/Paddleboard - £40.00

For storage of any kayak/canoe/paddleboard

Mooring Fee - £75.00

PDSC foreshore mooring

Clubhouse Key - £10.00

For clubhouse door. Returnable deposit.

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