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Dutyman System Instructions


Dear PDSC/CHYF Member

As you may be aware, PDSC/CHYF is using ‘Dutyman’ to manage this year’s Race Officer, Assistant Race Officer, Meet and Greet, and Safety Boat Assistant duty rotas for the first time.


In the next week or so, you may receive an email from Dutyman welcoming you to the system. Please check your spam folder/settings to check that any message isn’t filtered out; the source will be ‘’.

If/when you receive the email, please send a brief email to to a) confirm that the email address used is correct and b) confirm that you are happy for Dutyman to store and use your email address to communicate with you regarding club duties.


For junior/youth members, parents’ email addresses will be used, so some members may receive multiple emails. If you receive a message, but feel you will be unable to help, please send a message to If you do not receive an email, but believe you could assist with any of the aforementioned duties, please send an email to the same address.


Once the calendar has been uploaded, there will be an open access link to the calendar/rota on the club website. This will not allow duty change requests without a username and password.




The initial email will include a direct link to the PDSC/CHYF Dutyman page where you will see your personal username and password. You will be able to use this link to access Dutyman at any time without your username and password. However, if you access Dutyman from the club website you will need these details.


You will receive further emails from Dutyman detailing the duties you have been assigned, if these dates/duties are unsuitable, you can access Dutyman to request a swap.


The initial screen has 7 tabs in the centre, including information about syncing the calendar/duty list to your phone/tablet. I haven’t done this so please let me know if/how it works or if there are particular problems.


At top left there will be a ‘roster’ tab; click this, then ‘List View’ to see all the duties for the month (paged) or year (continuous). Duties you have been assigned will appear in red. On the right-hand side, there will be a panel that asks you what you would like to do, e.g. swap a duty. I found the instructions fairly straight-forward but let me know if you run into problems. There is an option on the right to confirm your duties, at which point you have the option to receive email reminders prior to the duty or not. Please confirm your duties.

Other tabs allow you edit your contact details, chose whether to opt out of the email database, change your password, etc.

If you are inactive on the website for 20 minutes you will be signed out and have to either use your log in details or reuse the original link.


Many thanks


Andy Stenson




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